Verus Service OÜ

About Us

Verus Service OÜ is a young and dynamic European enterprise specialized in the production of food supplements, cosmetics and nutraceuticals. We create our products on the basis of a series of accurate scientific researches combined with the search for innovative products of proven quality and effectiveness. The production relies on pharmaceutical laboratories located in Germany, France and Latvia (soon also in Italy) which guarantee high quality standards thanks to the use of the most modern technologies that combine certified international production standards, professionalism, ethics and respect for the environment. Our ingredients are 100% natural, no GMO and certified purity and effectiveness. Our goal is to make our experience available for a better quality of life!

Our Team

Our team is formed by qualified personnel from all over Europe. We meticulously choose our research laboratories to obtain the best results both from a commercial and a qualitative point of view.


Our logistics is very fast and efficient thanks to warehouses and storage points located in almost all European countries. This great presence on the territory allows us to deliver in two or at most three days throughout Europe!

business chart

From the commercial point of view we combine payment flexibility (based on the volume of orders) with a quick and effective business support that we can customize according to the customer and the business required. In the case of multi-year supply contracts we can guarantee very competitive prices and offers!


Ethically speaking Verus places in the first place the respect for the environment in every work cycle, reducing as much as possible every impact that can harm our planet. The core values of the firm are trustworthiness and respect, therefore we invest everything so we can ensure that our products are not tested on animals, do not contain GMOs, and that are 100% ecologically friendly to guarantee global well-being!